The graphic designer takes pictures, now!

It is funny how th ebest laid plans take their own paths. Up until yesterday I was looking forward to continuing my studies in Graphic Design and polishing design skills. Starting next Thursday.

Alas, I was advised that there have been iunsufficient enrolees for the course to go ahead as planned. Perhaps mid year . . .

After a moment of disappointment, I reaffirmed for myself that right now is my time for formal learning and I would prefer not to waste it waiting. As a result, I have enrolled in the equivalent course in Photgraphy and Digital Imaging. Orientation on Monday.

Just like that.

I’m quite excited about this. Photography was a serious possibility for my first choice when I was considering the path forward, and you will be aware that I have whinged aplenty about the hard work of restoring old images. I’m hoping this skillset will help with that, as well as with the range of skills associated with imaging taking and processing.

I mentioned a new project yesterday (The Unexpected Slums of Melbourne in the 1930s). To celebrate, I’ll post another image from that collection. Actually, a before and after, just to show what I’m trying to do on limited skills.

I’m not unhappy with what I’ve managed, but looking forward to learning new tips and tricks!



15 thoughts on “The graphic designer takes pictures, now!

  1. You know the old story, “When one door closes, another opens” Although I have to share that one of my parents used to alter that and say “…opens, another slams in your face. ” Joshing of course

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