provocation: true stories (where the words are real)

do you
tell stories
about what
you know

only what
you feel

they say
that every poem
is truth

and every word
is real

is that a thing
that’s known or is it
just . . .

is it just
a comforting

a small
to keep you away
from harm

the risk is
to your own heart

from solace
at the start
to . . .

in the dark
of words


I believe
the truth is near

I do believe the truth
is near

in each phrase

sung quiet
to yourself

the consolation
of each breath
that forms
in lines
upon the page

did you know
before you wrote

did you feel
for sweetest notes

did you understand
when –
at last –
the end . . .


is there ever
a real end

is there ever
one final

or does it all

a little more
each time

finding depth
where none
was known


I would like
to write
a day
for you

would like
to make it real

and true

the honesty
of a sun
that shines

a tree that waves
within the breeze

hiding –
in itself –
the singer
of a trilling song

amid the deeper greens

you will know
by touch

that resonantes

as though brushed
your very skin

and feels
like home


do you
tell stories . . .

where each word



8 thoughts on “provocation: true stories (where the words are real)

  1. The short answer is yes, at least in what I write. For me, poetry is a way of releasing emotion, anger, confusion, faith and struggle. This poem spoke volumes. I could relate to it rather than just enjoy it

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