Sunday Book Review – Ida: Searching for the Jazz Baby #freeversepoetry

Thank you D.G Kaye (Debby) for a wonderful review of ‘Ida: Searching for The Jazz Baby’.

She was a character who set fire to my imagination and I’m so glad Debby enjoyed her story, as well.

I encourage readers to pop over to read the review and check some of Debby’s writing and other activities, as she is an excellent writer and blogger in her own right.

Welcome to my Sunday Book Review. Today I’m reviewing Frank Prem’s new release – Ida: Searching for the Jazz Baby. In this story of historical fiction written in free verse poetry, Frank touches on the life of Ida Pender, aka Jazz Baby, and her wild lifestyle in the 1920s. Complete with newspaper clippings and stories to accompany.



Who is Ida Pender? Is she the elderly woman – Ida-Spider – rumoured to be resident in a 1970’s Mental Asylum?

Is she Squizzy Taylor’s teenaged gangster moll of the roaring 1920’s in Melbourne? The woman the police declared had shapely legs? She is Ida. The Jazz Baby.

Frank Prem explores the story of Ida Pender, largely forgotten now, but once the notorious associate of a 1920s Melbourne gnagster. From the young girl sneaking out of her bedroom window to go dancing at the Palais de Danse, companion, accomplice, then wife…

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