Stories from the Crevice Communities – Symposium 2022

The Charles Sturt University Creative Practice Circle’s Crevice Communities Symposium is happening throughout next week (5 – 9 December 2022) in Wagga, NSW. I’ll be attending to present a short paper on my forthcoming book release ‘Ida: Searching for The Jazz Baby’. My thanks to the Australian Government’s Arts and Cultural Development Program, Regional Arts Australia and Regional Arts Victoria who are providing me with travel and accommodation support.

This link is to the Symposium Website and aganda. It’s an interesting program and I think it will be a cracker.

If you are interested in participating, the whole thing will be presented virtually as well as in-person in Wagga. Don’t hesitate to book a place for yourself. Did I mention? It is free to participate. Get on board, here. Just press ‘Get Tickets’ and you’re away!

Join us.



8 thoughts on “Stories from the Crevice Communities – Symposium 2022

    • TRhank you, Liz, I’m in the final stages of preparing my presentation, Liz. Not fun, but I think it is coming together ok. I still find my subject – Ida – interesting and hopefully the audience will, too.

      For the rest of it, I’m expecting to have a great couple of days.

      I believe it is all to be recorded and made available online. I’ll do links in due course.

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