Soooo . . . Who is a graphic designer, then?

Yesterday was my last day of attending the Tafe Institute in Wodonga, Victoria for my Graphic Design course. Some results are still to come, but the work is done and the Exhibition has been held.

It has been amazing. Challenging all the way through, but equally, rewarding all the way through. My banner, below, highlights some of the work creations I’ve been guided through by my tutors, using the Adobe suite – InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, Dimension and Rush.


Frank’s Banner. Cert III PrePress Graphic Design Production – 03/12/2022

To say I’m proud of my achievements is quite an understatement. It has been many years since I undertook foimal study – twenty, at the least. The effort has taken over my life quite completely, but I’ve loved it, and will very likely saddle up again for the more advanced Cert IV Design program next year.

My thanks to tutors Mick Merrilees, Simone Riley and Tania Martini who know stuff. Lots of stuff. A big well done, also, to my classmates. What a Journey!



21 thoughts on “Soooo . . . Who is a graphic designer, then?

  1. Congratulations, Frank! Not just for making it through the course and learning heaps along the way, but for having the courage to deep dive into a completely different side to your creativity. Bravo. 🙂

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