Alive (is what I feel!)

I so love making books!

I mentioned to Debby here a day or so ago that I have been building an omnibus edition of the A Love Poetry Trilogy set of books and poems as a single volume, with a working title Alive Is What You Feel, just for the fun of it. A little more than just fun, actually. I have wanted to achieve a few things:

  • A Jacketed cover template for a 9 x 6 book.
  • A Case Laminate cover template for a 9 x 6 book
  • Multiple collections laid out within a single book.
  • A detailed working template for a poetry interior (6 x 9, as is my usual).
  • To know that I can manage large book projects.

All good, so far. I’ve just received the first e-proof of the completed book draft back from IngramSpark. 328 pages

Revisions to do, but looking good, so far. No pictures yet, as there is work to be done, but gee, it’s a buzz!



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