From Ida to Volyn

My poor projects. They mean the woirld to me but are prone to become terribly neglected, even at the point of release!

From Volyn to Kherson and Ida: Searching for The Jazz Baby – new stock images – 28/11/2022

I’ve not said a lot about Ida: Searching for The Jazz Baby, and From Volyn to Kherson recently – too much to do, too little time to do it in – but their release date is approaching (January next year), and it is closer by the day.

Today, I’ve received advance copies of each paperback, as I wanted to take a few copies with me when I do my little presentation spiel in Wagga in a bit over a week.

It’s taken a while for the order to go through, but they have arrived this morning.

It is SUCH a deep pleasure to have the books arrive, looking pristine and with a particular feel to them from the laminate covering – like the smell of a new car. It’s quite special.

Ida: In Search of The Jazz Baby – internal layout shot – 28/11/2022

I’ll try finding time to promote them – at least a little bit after Wagga, but there is a busy week and a half to go before then and I’ll probably crash at the end of it.

Look out for for an email if you are on my ARC readers list. I’ll get some digital copies ready for download and then write.

In the meantime, both books are available for preorder. US Amazon Links are below:

Ida: Searching for The Jazz Baby:

From Volyn to Kherson:



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