A little mugshot trouble

Funny how things develop.

I’ve had a post removed over on Instagram for breaching their community rules about inciting violence. One of the Mugshot poems seems to habve been a bit too blatant.

On reflection, I can see that might well be the case, particularly as there is little context provided by me to place the business back in the 1920’s.

In any case, I may just pause posts from that series generally. It isn’t my intention to agitate the contemporary.

I’m made aware by events like this (there was another issue raised with one of the pieces from the ‘Voices’ collection a while back) of the power of words, but also my own naivette in simply ploughing along my own furrow without giving much thought to impacts and consequences.

Never mind. There will be some next thing, and I’ll share it in its time. If Mugshots ever makes it into book form I’ll give a shout.


24 thoughts on “A little mugshot trouble

  1. Living in a country where inciting violence seems to have become the way to solve disagreements, I find it really difficult to imagine your posts as inciting violence! Your poetry seems to me to be more reportorial than incitement of anythng other than productive thought!

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    • Thanks so much, Janet. The rules are strange things, differently and selectively applied in different circumstances, I think.

      Liz mentioned the term ‘docu-poetry’ a few days back, which was new to me, but seems to encompass this current range of endeavours quite well.

      No matter. When I’ve done enough, I’ll make them available in book form, most likely.

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  2. The Zuckerberg nazi police are the same on Insta as they are on fakebook. How many times this year (4) I’ve been thrown in fakebook jail for leaving an opinion using words from the actual post that sits on fakebook. Boggles the mind. Yet, the hate speechers roam freely.

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  3. I am inclined to agree with Janet, Frank. Today I secured a note from FB stating my posts would be on the lower end of posting for 90- days, but it was not mentioned how I offended them . Yes, we might have to mind our ‘Ps” and “Qs” a little, but you are stating facts and we enjoy your work

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  4. Hah I was reprimanded on FB today Go directly to jail for 90 days What is my offence? It is any ones guess You however you use facts. History is not pleasant We still enjoy your work

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