10 thoughts on “blanky blank (one of those)

  1. Is he a friend or foe, or doing something wrong that is allowed today? The drawing depicts a callous individual I admire this style because it makes the reader think.

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  2. This certainly says a lot about the unknown man — I agree that it makes the reader think, and the thoughts are rather obvious here on the heels of the Midterm elections. One newspaper’s front page announced that Humpty Trumpty had a great fall!!

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    • I read an article that referenced that headline, Janet. Seems the Murdochs might have moved on from Mr Trump.

      I’ll post an explanatory about the poem and what I know in a moment. Plenty of questions being asked.


    • I’ll do a post to tell what I know, Robbie. Seems to me there migt be 3 different possibilities. Certainly there is an interesting picture of the 1920s opening up for me with these pics.

      I’ll write in a sec.


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