From Volyn to Kherson – progress

The dreadful war in and for Ukraine goes on. It is stretching toward a year now and the devastation is beyond words, really. Emotional as well as physical.

I look back at the early period of the war, when I was unable to let a day go by without writing something I had heard it as though the voice was inside my head telling what was happening. Interpretations only, and I lasted exactly nine weeks before I was exhausted and could no longer look, and no longer write of it. What the people of Ukraine are going through still, and more, is appalling to try to comprehend.

And yet . . .

From Volyn to Kherson has been listed in all the places it needs to be listed. Uploaded in digital and paperback formats. Just a moment ago, I was advised that the listing on Goodreads was completed (thank you, Brenda) – here.

In the next week or so, I’ll send out an invite for early readers to download a digital copy, and to revisit those early weeks of the war and experience whether my writing of those times seems a worthwhile thing or just so much type blown into the air like the disintegration of a dandelion clock. I hope there is merit in the work, but cannot tell. These things are done blind, for the most part, I think.

You can tell I feel a little maudlin about this, I’m sure.

Never mind. Here is the universal link to the book, which should take you to the online bookseller of your choice if you’d like to pre-order a copy (release date is in January 2023). Just click on the image.

Amazon is, of course, one of the choices, but not the only one.

From Volyn to Kherson (Universal Link) – 06/11/2022



17 thoughts on “From Volyn to Kherson – progress

  1. Frank l have always felt that your Ukraine-based writing had to be published: call it gut instinct. If you find it hard to do emotionally and you have seen horrors here, in Australia, it adds weight. I am looking forward to its publication in January though l know l will be a mess reading it.

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  2. The war in and for Ukraine is awful. I see the images of bombed apartment buildings and I still feel a sense of ‘this can’t be happening in this age’? Yet it can and it is. I think it needs to be documented in every way possible so we’re not taken so much by surprise the ‘next time’. 😦

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