Ida – up for pre-order.

Well, that job is done! A few late changes and (hopefully) minor issues – including a cover change (thank you Andrea) – and a lot of shilly-shallying, but Ida: Searching for The Jazz Baby is listed for pre-order through Amazon, Draft2Digital and Smashwords, and via the online retailers of paper edition books.

I’ve set the 1st of January as release date for the epub and 13th January for the paperback. I’m working to a sort of logic with the dates, but it’s thin. I really never quite know the right way to set dates. At least, there will be opportunity for me to get a note out to early readers (ARC) who might like to post a review.

Here are a couple of pre-order links:

The universal link that allows you to choose the store you prefer to shop at is here. There are already a half dozen or so outlets listing the pre-order and there will be a lot more. This is th e’going wide’ option (as opposed to Amazon exclusively).

And here is the Amazon link. I’ll use the Australian one, but you can get to your local market from there, should you wish.

Ida: Searching for The Jazz Baby – 22/10/2022

It is likely that I’ll set the same dates, or very near the same, to release the Ukraine focused collection From Volyn to Kherson: Interpretations of the war in Ukraine. These are both the respective subjects of presentations I’ll be giving in early December this year and I want to move oth of them out of my ‘to do’ basket and call them ‘finished’. More news on that in a little while.


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