are only (forest flowers)

are only (forest flowers) – 30/09/2022

for all of
I am a flower

that is all

a wild bush flower

of you
won’t see me
as you walk on by

a wild flower
doesn’t ask
for notice

we nod

we bow
before the wind

rise up –
golden –
beneath the sun

go on
go on
you need not see
a thing

for we are few
we are small
and we are
the hush
that is the temper
of these forest trees

the boulders
and their moss

for all
of that
and we
are only flowers



10 thoughts on “are only (forest flowers)

    • Thank you for your kindness toward my sketching, Michael. I’m not fooling myself, but there is definitely improvement.

      They are a lovely little flower and it’s a pleasure to represent them in words and pictures so other people can sense their delicacy and beauty.

      Hope you’re having a good weekend (Saturday here, already). Daylight saving starts this weekend. Back into the darj=kness, for us!


    • 🙂 Glad you liked, Liz.

      They’re very delicate little creatures these wild orchids. Very fortunate to have them so near, to appreciate.

      Also came across something we’d never seen before, the fruiting body of a fungus identified for us as ‘earth tongues. Only small little things as tall as a matchstick and maybe twice as wide. I might try to draw them but there isn’t much to see (while they are simultaneously extraordinary).

      Such is my life. LOL


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