half a mind (to worry)

half a mind (to worry) – 25/09/2022

do not

don’t stress

this is –
just –

looking in
and looking out

not entire
not complete

without my usual

who am I
when I
am only half

am I
when so much
of me –
of I
is missing

do not worry

I am ok

don’t stress
I will be alright
in time

and this
is a moment
where things
are not
what they seem

is a time
for losing heads

and I
have half a mind
to lose
the rest of me

half a mind
that thinks
I have
going mad

and half a mind
that has only
a half a mind
of its own

half . . .

some kind of helpless

some kind
of hopeless

do not worry

do not
for this empty
of me



9 thoughts on “half a mind (to worry)

  1. This is wonderful, Frank — perfect for my current state of mind too — I’m preparing for my home to be re-roofed, taking the existing roof off on the hottest day this week. Which things need to be taken off walls, where will they be safe, where should I be for the duration, and so forth. Too many wrinkles! I feel like I, too, am looking in, looking out!

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