And, here’s Ida!

Ida – proof copies – 22/09/2022

When I arrived home from a couple of days away the package was on my front doorstep.

This part of authoring and publishing never grows stale, for me.

I’ll likely make a few formating changes before I turn the book loose, but I’m quite happy with how it is looking. The cover image above is a bit sallow compared to the real thing, which has a yellow tint to it. I’ve found it difficult to represent the colour correctly in the image.

Ida – Inside pages – 22/09/2022

The image above shows the basic layout, with a relevant newspaper clipping on the left, and a poem, including a specific quotation from the article that leads in to the body of the poem. Incidentally, I’m delighted, for the most part, witht he way in which the images have cleaned up. For the most part, I think it is possible to read the original articles (as much as I have posted) without too much trouble and I imagine there might be readers who will take an interest in the source materials. They were a pretty grungy quality to start with.

All sources are referenced at the back of the book.

I’m back to re-writing my presentation for the Symposium. Les talk, more poetry. It’s tedious, but necessary, I think.

Keeps me off the streets, in any case.



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