Amazon and Sheep On The Somme (again)

I’m fascinated by this.

Today I received a note from Amazon ‘you may be interested in this, because you were interested in that’ kind of thing. It was suggesting I’d be interested in Sheep On The Somme because I’d been looking at the listing.

What I found was that the Australian market price of the hardcopy had moved from the ridiculously low price of $15.00, up to $65.00. End of honeymoon, there, though I note that Devil In The Wind is still priced low.

I checked the other prices to find that the hardcover in the US is now US$10.00. How about that!

This is a fascinating lesson for me about the way the algorithms play.

Here is the link if you might be interested:


12 thoughts on “Amazon and Sheep On The Somme (again)

    • I see a lot of commentary from authors who have published, perhaps for the first time, and distressed because the price they see on AMazon is nothing like the price they thought they’d set, and wondering what to do about it.

      The answer is, I think, just chill and let the algo’s work it all out.

      Life is too short to worry too much about it.

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      • Hmm…maybe they haven’t taken the exchange rate into consideration? Otherwise there’s something wrong as we /should/ be able to set the final price which is cost + Amazon’s cut + our ‘profit margin’. Erm…unless the printing is done by a third party in which case the final price will be higher because the ‘cost’ plus 2 lots of profits, plus your own profit has bumped the price up….
        If you’ve experience significant differences, i’d definitely query it with Amazon.

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      • It’s my understanding that the book won’t be printed except under the conditions I set with Ingram Spark. I think the algorithms are happy to experiment with sales at a loss, within reason.

        Shouldn’t affect me, either way.

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