Amazon and those book prices

I wrote a little while back about my surprise to see the Hardcover edition of Sheep On The Somme selling for about $15.00 in the Australian market. It is still around that price – $15.00 for a near 400 page hardcover book is below cost and above amazing, IMO,at least.

Today I noticed that some thrifty sould have taken advantage of the price – fantastic! A great gift, I think, for anyone with a military or historical interest.

In any case, I was inspired to spend a few minutes checking the prices of some of my books in different marketplaces. I found a couple of bargains in among the paperbacks.


Sheep On The Somme hardcover

Australia – – $15.13

Devil In The Wind paperback

Australia – – $7.55

UK – – £6.96

Herja, Devastation (with Cage Dunn) paperback

Canada (CA) – – $6.37


If these appeal to you, and you’re in the right market, grab yourself a copy (and some to give as gifts!).

Just as a matter of personal opinion, I think Herja, Devastation is an understated gem. Cage Dunn and I had a wonderful time putting together a story of vengeance and nemesis and (very mild) horror (mwa-ha-ha-haaaa)!!!

Take a peek if you get a chance.


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