The Analogue anthology

analogue – short stories from Australia’s oldest new writers

analogue anthology – cover image – 15/08/2022

I’ve just received my 5 copies payment for contributing to this anthology, which readers you may be interested in, as the cause is a very good one, though I have not had any other dealings with the editors/organisers. My own contribution is small.

Here is some of the blurb information supplied by the editor/publishers:

Frank Prem (et al) has contributed to a newly-published anthology of Australian writing that aims to raise funds to address homelessness in older women.

Analogue describes itself as being writing from “Australia’s oldest new writers”, because every
author in it is over 40 years old and has made their mark professionally in an area other than writing.

The publishers hope to make Analogue a biannual publication, with all proceeds going to charities
which focus on issues with older Australians.

Where to get the Analogue anthology?

The editors are selling anthology directly within Australia – I couldn’t tell for sure if there are wider distribution arrangements, so a query to the editor might be needed to clarify.

Purchase price is $19.50 within Australia.

Here is the local purchase link.

Ths is a slightly unusual way of selling a book, these days, so make sure you’re comfortable with payment arrangements before committing.

If you have any purchase queries, here is the editors address: Paul Dunne @

Happy Reading.

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