Frank’s big book day (Part 2)

Two new books

Two more new books today – 05/08/2022

Along with the #Ukraine books I posted about here, I received copies of two more books. Flock, and A Specialist At The Recycled Heart. Both of them have had some hard yards performed on them to get across the line.


Flock – as a book – ha’ve been struggling with for a long time. The format has been a challenge, firstly to determine what the format should look like, and then to try to make it happen. You might recall, I ended up deciding that the images of birds in flight up against different skies should fill the entire white surface of the page, with text superimposed on top.

Boy, what a job I set myself. For the most part, I was doing this work in MS Word. Latterly I’ve picked up some skills in using the Adobe InDesign program and the rest of the Adove suite (Industry Standard tools) and re-did the whole thing. Several times.

I’m delighted to have the book finalised – layout as good as I am likely to make it, I think.

Flock – inernal layout – 05/08/2022

I love this little book (around 160 pages). When I look at the images, I am reminded of my awe at watching the flock circle. When I read the poems – my responses to the birds – I am taken to them again.

Wonderful to have it done at last. I won’t be attempting a digital edition of this book.

A Specialist At The Recycled Heart

A Specialist At The Recycled Heart – cover image – 05/08/2022

I haven’t spoken of the ‘Specialist’ much, if at all. It didn’t rate a mention a few weeks ago when I penned a little project update, for instance. I wasn’t thinking of doing anything with it, at that point.

This is a collection of speculative poems – not dissimilar to ‘The Garden Black‘, in many ways, and was written around the same time. I noticed the printed draft version on my shelf one day recently and decided that it wouldn’t take much to finish editing it and to whack it into InDesign, just to see what it looked like etc etc. The stories I tell myself!

I found I enjoyed re-reading the collection as I edited and developed some enthusiasm for the task, with the result that it is here, and it is now.

It is also about to become the first digital book I create using InDesign, which is another very handy little milestone for me.

What is it about? Let’s see –

  • What is the sound of a sigh on Mars?
  • What is the fate of an abandoned Artificial Intelligence, still conscious and capable of thought, on an asteroid out beyond our solar system?
  • What is the colour of sin?

Those are things that it is about.

Worth releasing, I think, in due course.


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