Frank’s big book day (Part 1)

I’ve been waiting for today, for a long while.

Deliveries from IngramSpark! Oh boy!

One packages is print books only. The other is colour images.

Yes. It is delivery day, and the work I’ve been knocking myself out to get done – some of it, at least – has arrived in a tangibe form. Books galore.

For this post, I’ll just mention the Ukraine books. Three of them!

Frank’s Ukraine War books – received on 05/08/2022

Two of these are picture poetry books, laid out in an 8.5 inch by 8.5 inch layout – my ‘go to’ when featuring images in this way. The images have been sourced from online and the books are between 300 and 400 pages long.

The third book is text only (around 180 pages). The work in this book derives from online news articles and reportage.

Each of the books is a form of interpretation of what I have read and seen through these means of reporting the war.

Interpretations of the War in Ukraine – 05/08/2022

At first glance I can tell that the images need work – even though the nbooks are not intended for release. I haven’t gotten the conversion from screen image to book format right, and the colours are all over the shop. I was aware this might be an issue, but it’s hard to judge until there is a copy in hand (for me, at least). My hunch is that when I redo these, I will have a crack at doing them in Black and White. I suspect I will get a truer image outcome that way.

I will also revise the text only book – small things – but at first glance, I’m reasonably happy with From Volyn To Kherson. It is likely that I’ll release it a little way down the track.

Wow! Receiving these books – these creations arising from nothing but a thought – is such a very special day for a writer.

Woo Hoo! Nother post to come.

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