Project update

A short update on the various projects I have on the go at the moment.

The Ukraine Project.

This project has become three books:

  1. Bullets Into The Starichi Sky: Interpreting images of the 2022 war in the Ukraine: Part 1
  2. I Call The Hole The War: Interpreting images of the 2022 war in the Ukraine: Part 2
  3. From Volyn to Kharkiv: Interpretations of the war in Ukraine

I decided I had to get a hurry-up on this lot because my proposal to deliver a little talk about poetry and the contemporary world was accepted, and I decided to pontificate a bit about how poetry can be used as a tool of translation and interpretation for big events – like a war between two countries, to take a random example . . .

The good news is that the three books are essentially complete. Two of war pictures and the poetry they inspired, and one of poems derived from reading the news.

Yesterday I attempted to order a copy of all three so I could check out the physical proofs, but found that the printer (IngramSpark) isn’t printing colour until the 24th of the month, so I’ve decided (I think) I’ll hold off on all orders until they are back on deck, so I can order them all in one hit. I might change my mind on that.


Good old Flock is, I think, also ready, and finished. I’ve re-created the whole think in InDesign (as I did with the Ukraine books), and I think it is good to go. This was another of the books I had intended to order yesterday, but I’ll wait until the bulk order can be processed.

On Allium Avenue

It’s easy to forget this little venture, but it too is just about complete, I think. Done in InDesign, and with the images worked over yet again. What this one is waiting on is for me to develop a logo for use with Seventeen Syllable Poetry books.

I have a couple of ideas in my head – some sort of a Stamp effect, or perhaps an open book line drawing. I just haven’t had the head space and the conviction to nail this. There will be a day when I get sick of procrastinating and just do it.

The Cielonaut

My poor old Cielonaut! This book is basically ready and I very much want to release it this calendar year, but I’ve convinced myself that I need to translate it into the InDesign format and I’ve encountered some hiccups int he process. The layout is a bit particular and I’ve been too busy to focus on finishing it. I’ll get to it, soon, I hope.

Meanwhile, there is a whole new generation of images being released by NASA from the James Webb telescope. My word, they are breathtakingly good.

Ida. Searching For The Jazz Baby

This little collection has come along nicely. I’ve gotten a wriggle on with layout and have placed newspaper cutting images and pictures where I think they should go internally. The images need to be cleaned up a little more because they are scans of the original 1920s newspapers and are a bit messy in the way that those things get – not’clean’. The skills for this are new to me and very time consuming, so it’s a bit slow. However, I’m presenting a talk on my discovery of Ia as an overlooked Australian heroine and all-round delight in the same week as I’m linedup for thw Ukraine talk, so I’d love to have this in a hard-copy format before then.

The cover is also challenging. One of the struggles is about the kind of font I should use – Jazz era fonting? Art deco?

One of the ideas I’m playing with is the use of a sillhouette on the front cover (I’ve learnt how to make a sillhouette! Whoop!). I have an image of what I’m thinking of running with I can share.

Ida. Searching For The Jazz Baby – silhouette) 16/07/2022

Other Projects

Nothing much to report on other projects. The Bachelards will get a nudge after some of the above have been sorted. In reality, the next significant date is 2024, I think, being an anniversay of his birth, so I may wait to finalise some of that work until then. I’m also hoping to develop a paper discussing his impact on my work. Might be a paper, or it could become a series of talks. I’m not sure yet.

Perhaps the other outstanding work to be addressed is the vast body of writing that came out of my The Wasteland endeavours. AT the least I’d like to get that between covers for my bookshelf here at Frank Studios, if nothing else.

With these and my course going on at the same time, it is enough.

I hope to get some of these finalised soon.



10 thoughts on “Project update

  1. Getting all these books published is the last step in a process that’s probably taken you most of your life, Frank. They, and the new works you’re yet to create, are your legacy. 🙂

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