nameless (is the warrior woman)

namelss (is the warrior woman)
nameless (is the warrior woman) – manga drawing 09/07/2022

her name is . . .

I cannot tell you

hold power
and she
has all the power
she can hold


fearless one

save the world

save me

and save the whole
of us
save us all


I had the very great pleasure of attending a manga drawing workshop at our local library, yesterday (08/07/2022), conducted by Mathew Lin. Very, very good.


7 thoughts on “nameless (is the warrior woman)

    • Thanks so much, Ellen. I just get completely tickled when something like this comes up out of the blue.

      I’ll definitely do more of these, as I’m finding my control is steadily improving (between self portraits and line drawing and now, these). Not getting good, necessarily, but certainly becoming adequate for any purposes I can imagine at the moment.

      An anime army coming up!

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