Doing what I oughtn’t. Revisiting my Ukraine poems.

I’m panicking a little about assignment work for my graphics course – some things I’m struggling to get my head around. So/ What should I do in these circumstances? Why, lay out a picture book, of course . . .

I haven’t been able to resist working on my Ukraine pictures and poems series, for a couple of reasons. As I suggested above, I’m a little jittery about mastering a few tasks in my course, so I’m seeking diversion. Also, I’m trying out new skills with photographs and design. I’m also just a little worried that I might et this project slip too far down my personal totem pole and get lost in my myriad of projects to be completed ‘one day’.

Of course, I can’t really do anything with this, other than complete it to my own satisfaction, because the images don’t belong to me. I’ve appropriated them, really, and that will be the end of that. Still, I’d like to get them outof my computer and onto my bookshelf.

I’ve broken the project into two picture parts (there is a potential text/poetry book that would complete the project, but I haven’t approached that, yet). I’ve also worked on the images a little to lighten them up a bit for print. They are really a very dark set of images, as pictures go.

A screen shot of a 2-page spread is below.

Back to my assignment, now, I suppose. Oh well!

Working Title: BULLETS INTO THE STARICHI SKY – 2 page spread21/06/2022

14 thoughts on “Doing what I oughtn’t. Revisiting my Ukraine poems.

  1. Gut feeling is probably best if there is brain fog. Ukraine is in your heart and your poetry speaks volumes. A delicate balance Frank, It is probably just as well that you have not volunteered to be the clown at the circus…or have you? Yes a cheeky comment LOL

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  2. Oh, dear, what a choice!!! Here the choice is Ukraine or Jan 5 hearings — I’m not sure I know which is worse between the two (Jan 6 is the date of the insurrection, an the hearings are really bringing out Trump’s involvement — important but horrible stuff!)

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