Project Update

I’m conscious of not posting a lot, just recently – I think the Ukraine pictures and constant writing took a little something out of me, in the writing department. So, I thought it might be time to post a little update of where a few of my current crop of projects have progressed to.

The Cielonaut

I think this collection is now ready to rock and roll in book form. Release date is likely to be in October.


I know there was some interest in this project, and I’m really pleased to be able to report that I’ve imported the whole thing into Indesign and re-formatted it from whoa to go. Images have also been touched up a little. They will never be photography, but as an element of each poem, I think they serve well. I haven’t gotten my head around a release schedule, but I’m confident now, that it will fly – so to speak – in due course. An image from today’s work, below.

InDesign Screenshot – Flock Spread p128-129 – 10/06/2022

On Allium Avenue

This little book has also been completely redone in InDesign. It is more or less done. I am in the process of coming up with a logo for Seventeen Syllable poetry (possibly just Seventeen Syllables, without the poetry attached). I can’t give a timeline for that, but I hope to get it done soon.


I’ve submitted the outlines for two Papers to be presented at different academic symposia before the end of the year. Not sure if either or both or neither of these will be accepted, but I think there is merit in the discussion I’ve suggested, so I’m hopeful. One would feature the early Ukraine work as part of a discussion re the contemporary relevance of poetry. The other would discuss my discovery and relationship with Ida Pender (the Jazz Baby) as an element of ‘crevice communities – the lost and forgotten and overlooked). The further context for this last paper is poetry (art) in an association with research.

I’ve also started to noodle around with the idea of a paper discussing the influence Gaston Bachelard has had on my work. In particular, I’m finding myself interested in discussing his ideas (the argument that he had with another philosopher, actually) of how time works.

Nothing will come of that until next year, though.

Ida Pender

In light of my submission to deliver a paper, I’ve dived in to this collection with a view to tidying it up for publication. There’s still some work to do, but it is coming along. My cover ideas are a bit of a challenge, at this stage.

Poetry Workshop

We have a little festival of words – Winterwords – being held in Beechworth in a coupl eof weeks time (around 19th June), and I’ll be running a poetry workshop in tandem with my good friend and coleague Dr Roxanne Bodsworth. We’re both looking forward to that. Should be a lot of fun.

Next Writing?

I’m not 100% sure, but I may have been bitten by the SHort Story bug.

At the recent Rainforest Writer’s Retreat, I was encouraged to look at Short Stories with a more receptive eye, and I’ve actually banged out out something I’m happy with to submit to a competition that was recommended to me. Nothing to lose, right?) 1,000 words and they came fairly readily, so I may play with converting some poetry I’ve written but not published with a view to seeing how well the translation process will work.

All fun, in any case.

Sorry to be so quiet on the blog, but with all of that and my Graphics Design course making demands, I’m almost too weary to write creativelyat the moment.

No doubt that will change soon.


14 thoughts on “Project Update

  1. Well, one thing anyway Frank you are always on the go. I’m not surprised the Ukraine scenario has taken the shine off, but these were still excellent poems. I look forward to seeing the others including the Papers, and wish you well there I would have loved to mosey up to Beechworth for your “do” there but will be unable to make it Keep on keeping on.

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