there are bears . . . (of certain attitude)

cute bears (all)

there are
cute bears

they are all
so cute

every one of them
would like
a home

with you

cute bear #1

with you

some of them

cute (too sweet) bear #2

are just too sweet
you know

some of them
too soft

cute (too soft) bear #3

I find some
of them a little . . .


around the eyes . . .

cute (a little strange around the eyes) bear #4

like a bear
with mischief
peering out
from the crowd

at me

inviting me
to . . .

cute (mischief) bear #5


it could be

a certain
is necessary
for me
to take a certain bear

a mischief bear (to take home) #1


17 thoughts on “there are bears . . . (of certain attitude)

  1. Awww — they are all SO cute! If I should return to Australia for a visit, I will have to visit Beechworth to find a bear to bring home with me. In the meantime, I may have to see if I can find a bear here to keep me company.

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