Poetry Slam? Ok!

Poetry Slam Cup
Frank and Cody with the Slam Cup (The Inaugural Bob McKinnon Prize)– 30/04/2022

I haven;’t been a fan of poetry slams to date. I formed an opinion – which is dangerous for someone that doesn’t get out to sniff the air all that much – that they weren’t my kind of poetry, really.

Anyway, I was persuaded (pretty easily, in truth) to enter the inaugural slam held at the Clunes Booktown that I have been participating in the last day or two.

I’m really very delighted (and you can’t delight much more than that) to have come out in equal first place.

The actual title of the slam was listed as: Clunes Booktown Poetry Open Mic | Slam โ€“ The Inaugural Bob McKinnon Prize.

The Bob McKinnon mentioned is a gentleman who passed away a year or so ago, and my co-recipient of the award is his daughter – Cody- who is in the picture with me. We will share the cup for a year or so. Not sure what happens after that. To be confirmed!

I’m hoping to record the poem that I read and pop it up on YouTube.

Woo Hoo!

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