not devastation (only canberra)

The construction site by night – 24/04/2022

tonight –
on another plane
of existence

another world –
a man
checks in
to an apartment

a b&b
in canberra

it is
a lovely place

out he window
and across
the road . . .

a construction site

new apartments
going up
the site
is a bit
of a tidy mess

equipment stashed neatly enough

and machinery

from six floors up
he thinks it leeks –
a little –
a bomb site . . .

for another plane
a parallel universe
can look –
a little –
like devastation


Not the image I’d intended to use, but pretty, IMO.

I couldn’t help visualising what it might look like, if Canberra – today – was in Ukraine.

12 thoughts on “not devastation (only canberra)

  1. The parallels are ubiquitous, Frank — devastation of war vs. devastation of wildfires; devastation of war vs. mass shootings (something we have had too many of recently). I tend to worry about the devastation of nuclear power (and even of electric vehicles) frequently these days as Russia nears their power plants — and so forth! At least the construction of new apartments in a city as beautiful as Canberra is hopeful, positive, and quite the opposite of devastation! Canberra could not exist in Ukraine today!

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    • It is a little surreal to be looking at an active city and its buildings, and then to have images from Ukraine cities suggest themselves – apoaprtments like the one I’m in with all their windows blown, and holes in the structure and just plain knocked over. Extraordinary and nighgtmarish.

      Too many of these things, as you say, Janet.


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