The New Asylum, in a negative space

Working with negative spaces – 25/03/2023

All I have to show for a day’s work.

I’ve been taking pictures of negative (empty) spaces with a view to filling them up with my own paraphernalia. The New Asylum seems appropriate for this challenge.

The above is a poor effort, but I’ve learned much.

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9 thoughts on “The New Asylum, in a negative space

    • It’s a little bit like looking into a room, isn’t it?

      This one was very challenging as I couldn’t quite remember some of the tricks that should have been used, but I think a little practice will result in some interesting images.

      I took a walk around the old mental hospital and some of the older places in town to get base images that might allow me to showcase some of my titles in a fresh way.

      Good fun, but the course is quite demanding and I’m always distracted by my own agenda. makes for a deal of weariness.

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  1. Going back to the old haunts is good sometimes I was very moved when reading those poems The austerity both in the original photo and the updated one speaks volumes

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    • There is some confronting reading in the book, I agree, Claire, thank you.

      When I have a little play time I intend to place the book in a few different spots (images) around the old hospital. Will be interesting to see how they come out.


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