olga feeds the animals (alexander wields his walking stick)

who else will feed
the animals . . .

is a volunteer

she is working
at the odesa zoo
an old man named

hundreds of people
have run
and fear
is everywhere

all their pets . . .

the animals

they are all
at the zoo

feels the responsibility

there are bears and zebras
an elephant

she goes
by the name
of daisy

all of them
of them
must be fed
and watered

they must be

it is they
who provide
a little calm
to olga

his walking stick
as though it were
a gun

Andrew Harding BBC.

3 thoughts on “olga feeds the animals (alexander wields his walking stick)

  1. Oh, my goodness, this one brought the tears! I think of the San Diego Zoo or your Tauranga Zoo with all the animals and the volunteers who love them and care for them and explain them so nicely. And all the people who are normally there learning about the animals. How sad to see the demise of such a place! Again, I do hope you’ll publish these in a collection at some future time!

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