Price Changes (sadly)

Have just had the melancholy task of entering price increases for many (not quite all) of my books.

IngramSpark had a cost increase back in November, and another takes effect on March 8th, so everything purchased online goes up. I have some stock in hand for quite a few of the books, so I’ll work my way through that before changing anything. I might organise myself to have a sale if I get my head around the logistics.

Meanwhile, I see a few interesting price discrepancies within Amazon (Australia) that I find curious.

Waiting For Frank-Bear – Hardcover $28.87 vs Paperback 30.53.

Devil In The Wind – $7.74 UK price 6.61, which I think is low.

Small Town Kid – $8.58

The New Asylum – $7.75

These are prices that I can never match selling directly, so if you have any interest in getting copies – gifts perhaps – grab one now. They will likely all be reset when the price rise I’ve just scheduled takes effect in April.


9 thoughts on “Price Changes (sadly)

    • It doesn’t affect me particularly, Claire. If they sell a copy, I get my commission based on the set price. Basically, if they sell at these prices they will make a loss – which they may be happy to do for a number of reasons.

      As a consumer of books, I say go for it – especially if there is free delivery available as well.


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