a lullaby (for lviv)

rocket trails
are hanging
in the sky

stars in motion
over lviv

night is day
and day
is noise
all through
the shelter hours

sirens sound

missiles strike

women cry

and then
line up
to receive
a rifle

birth happens
bomb shelters

find poland
but not
their parents

a man of passion
of the road
before a tank

this is
a pleading

this is a vision
of resistance

the dying
is off screen
(so far)

invaders wonder
where they are

is this
the road to

is this the road
to anywhere
at all

a grandma
has cleared
the table
in her kitchen

are spread around
as though
to make a cake
or maybe
or easter bread

but not this time

a green-glass

a little
motor oil

the vodka she distilled
from the plums
last year
and then
some wicking

so far

fifteen more
on this amount
of spirit

it is not

it is

it is
to say
that she loves
her home

her ukraine

that she knows
who is
and who
is wrong
as surely
as god knows
to make the sun rise
over lviv
in the morning

the song she hums
her breath
a lullaby


11 thoughts on “a lullaby (for lviv)

  1. Such shocking and sad times Frank. I pray that sanity will prevail and that the people of Ukraine will be saved. Your poem is so poignant. I heard that Russian and Ukraine students currently living in UK are both studying at the sixth form where I used to work. It is the people that suffer so much in a war.

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