FF #14

who knew
this life
would turn out
just the way
it has

when we were children
at stars in the black night sky

hanging there
like glittering jewels
just out of reach

seemed to be . . .

I recall
it seemed to be
just fine

there were men
on the moon
and rock and roll
was king
and all the young folk
back then
were high

I was just
a kid –
too young –
who didn’t know
a single thing

but I was sure
everything was all right
with the world

and the world
would keep on
turning round
just the way
it should

it’s funny . . .

the way
that a perspective
can change
in time

maybe I’m too old
and cynical a little
and that shades
the grey
inside my mind

I know
I’m not alone

there are many of me
and mine
walking along beside me
which direction
did that dream

ah well
I say
ah well

the end has crept
a lot closer
and no dream
could ever get
in its way

there is sunshine
on the green grass

rock music
that I can

and days
I still feel
like dancing

for no reason
that I
can say

ah well
come along
and say

ah well
ah well

it’ll be alright
it’ll be all right
when it comes

at the end
of the day


5 thoughts on “FF #14

  1. You are not alone here, Frank I was nine in ’69 and emotionally sound. This verse is well expressed Growing is never-ending, fortunately expressing oneself does not end either.

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