On Allium Avenue – a new picture book

On Allium Avenue – first print proofs in hand – 07/02/2022

I’m quite delighted to have received another delivery of books in the mail, today.

A new picture book in hard and soft cover formats. These will need to be completely revised to get the covers and internal images looking as I think they should (I need to actually see the paper copies to know how they will look, and these need a bit of work), but it is such a delight to have these new things in my hands that I feel the need to share – however prematurely.

On Allium Avenue reflects the beginning of my recent obsession with th einsects in my back yard – native bees initially, but then extending to whatever would sit still long enough for me to point the phone at them.

The writing is in Seventeen Syllable Poetry format, this time, which I was quite pleased with. Also included is a section of Extras, Out-takes (and Bloopers), which I found quite amusing.

I don’t know when this will be ready to release as a finished book – I have a lot on at the moment, and I’m not sure if I will do a digital version other than a PDF, but to have copies in hand is wonderful.

I’ll write more when there is a next progression.

On Allium AVenue – this way (for love) – 07/02/2022

On Allium AVenue – mood (is blue) – 07/02/2022


23 thoughts on “On Allium Avenue – a new picture book

    • I find them (the critters who are my subjects here) very cute.

      I’m amassing a collection of spider and fly pics as well – quite a lot of corpses wrapped in silk, or otherwise victims of life in the wild. Would like to do something withthem, as well.

      So much to do! LOL Tomorrow is day 1 of the Graphic Design course. I’m already putting hours a day into the tutorials for Photoshop and Illustrator etc.

      Going to be a busy time.

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      • -grin- And you work. Sometimes I wonder if you sleep at all. 😉 And yes, your photos of the miniscule could provide inspiration for a whole series of books.
        Hurry up and learn Photoshop so I can ask you questions. I sometimes [very rarely] use Corel’s Photopaint which is similar to Photoshop, but as I don’t take photos, I’ve never had the incentive to learn about ‘masks’ blah blah. Having an expert on tap will be very handy…mwahahahaha!

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      • lol – I’ve taken more photos with my phone than I ever took with a camera but…I lack something. I can see something beautiful but when I look at the photo it’s just…blah. I’ll leave that to you. 🙂

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