until the last (shanith)

Shantih shantih shantih



there will be
for joy

a time
when the world
is at peace

and you
and I


to be born
is to learn

all of life
we are born
and we learn

to the end

born again


stay strong

be true
to your heart


and take
a new step

one more
new step

every day

come willingly forth
the last


the last


I took the bit between my teeth this morning and wrote my through several poems to get to the end of the writing task of my Waste Land Project. It is done.

I don’t know what sort of meal I’ve made of my attempt to utilise the Waste Lande in this way. Not really. It has certainly been a challenge.

308 poems (excluding the White Whale diversion), and 51, 000 or so words.

I’ll be occupying a new studio space in a month or so (I hope), with some improved capacity to audio record. I may tackle reading the project as a way of proofing the work. We shall see.

Thank you for reading along and responding to what has been posted. YOur feedback keeps me going.


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