untamed (the problem persists)

Quando fiam uti chelidon—O swallow swallow

When shall I become like the swallow?


it is
a temptation –
always –
to turn a problem
a more palatable

to dress it
in finer garb

to admire it –
at least
from a distance

perhaps . . .

in a cage

to be sure

and –
if it is a bird –
admire the plumage
if not
the song

disconcerting then
when the bird

when the problem
fails to disappear
the brightness
of feather
and colour
and gilt

when it continues
to speak
in raucous tones

the smack
of ingratitude
its other

an open door
cannot guarantee
the problem
will fly away

the bird
has not been tamed
and the colour –
red –
is as much
a symbol
as it is
a solution


From The News: https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2022/jan/25/grace-tame-and-scott-morrisons-frosty-meeting-sparks-praise-condemnation-and-memes

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