An assault on the (IG) citadel.

I haven’t yet been much of a user of Instagram, but am preparing myseklf fr a little assault on that citadel.

I’m revisiting my old 17 syllable Book of Clouds project. It never came to much because I ruined the photos for print purposes and could never satisfy myself about how to present the material.

I’ve come up with an approach trhat I’m comfortable with now, and will satisfy myself with a digital effort only – no paper copy for the time being.

I wonder if anyone reading has experience of using Instagram? I’d love to hear if so.

I’m thinking I may need ot establish (yet another) store front on IG to give readers a pathway.

I am intending to create a digital book, and to schedule about 30 or so posts a couple of days apart linking back to my website and to books.

Not entirely sure why I’m bothering as I don’t have much of a unique following there, but it does give me motivation to do something with the project which was very dear to me, at the time.

Will be interesting to see.

I won’t be ready to roll for a couple of weeks, yet, but if you are interested in following along, sign up to my IG account. I’ll follow back. Here is the link.

See you there!


Draft IG campaign post – 28/01/2022

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