The Sweet Smell – of new books!

I am quite, quite delighted to share my new arrivals. Over the Seasonal break I was busy formatting work like crazy. For the sheer excitement of it, I decided to play with new size and structure (and look) for Seventeen Syllable Poetry work.

New Books – the first of 2022! 17/01/2022

So, what have we . . .

Two volumes of general archive #21. As I’ve started to do a lot of image driven work, both books are in colour, though only intended for my personal library.

I extracted the Seventeen Syllable Poetry work from the overall archive and put it intpo a new format, with a trim size of 7 inches x 4. Also a declarative Stamp. I’m aware the stamp may not be the best tool for the purpose and I have a couple of ideas for what other approaches to pursue, but I don’t have the design skills to execute these, yet. I’ll be studying n the next 12 months to remedy that.

Archive volume 21 and 21a – general work from 2021 – 17/01/2022
Archive 21a – Seventeen Syllable Poetry, 7 x 4 format. Colour interior – 17/01/2022

Also, there are two books of Bachelard Interpreted series of poems. One that tells stories, and the other that asks questions in the Seventeen Syllable style.

These books are both is the usual black and white interior format, and I hope to release them in the first half of 2022. If I manage it, there will be a lot of such pairs in the Bachelard Interpreted series.

Bachelard Interpreted series – 17/01/2022
Seeing The Wind interior (7 x 4 format) – 17/01/2022

I haven’t had a chance to get familiar with the 7 x 4 format for these books yet, and am still uncertain about the right way to go. My alternatives for the Seventeens seem to be:

  • Stick with the larger (usual) 6 x 9 size, with the poems aligned to the centre of the page. Works fine, but a lot of white space involved.
  • Use a 6.5 x 6.5 square format. Maybe. Not sure.
  • Use a 6 x 4 format. I’ll ponder what the 7 x 4 does for me before I think about changing.

Costs seem to be around the same as for the standard book size.

They’re a dinky little book, and well worth my while to consider, but the jury is out, at the moment.

Regardless, the 2 Bachelard Interpreteds are vying for first release of 2022.


BTW I should mention, this pair of Bachelards isinspired by his book Air and Dreams: An Essay on the Imagination of Movement, and features reverie on the lightness of being, floating flying and similar airy themes.

25 thoughts on “The Sweet Smell – of new books!

  1. I like the covers but I have to admit that the stamp actually made me strangely anxious, as if it said ‘danger, keep out’. Even after I read what was actually there, I continued to feel a weird dissonance? Not sure if it was the angle, the colour [red] or some other visual association. Maybe just change the colour to something that’s pleasant to look at?

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