distraction in court (would you like a zinger)

Only a cock stood on the rooftree
Co co rico co co rico


it isn’t possible
to ignore

not really

the king
of the world
the chameleon
of australia-r

it was always
going to end
in a courtroom
on a tennis court

and I wonder
do I think
about it

and I wonder

I wonder

I conclude
that neither
of these two
is –
individually –
the thought

both selfish
willing to blame
somebody else
at a heartbeat’s notice

both vain
and over-glorified
in their own


where I live
we have had
our seven lockdowns

our unofficial
avoid others
(eternal and ongoing)

we are jabbed
and jabbing
but . . .

our doctor surgery
won’t do after-hours
any more

our pharmacy
is booked out
for jabs
until the end
of next month

the virus
is here
by visitors
brought by transport
bringing food
(and toilet paper
of course)
into the town

it is in
the nursing home

and being avoided
on the popular streets
where visitors gather
by a detour
into the granite gutter

to avoid
getting close
if you know
what I mean

there is almost
a relief
when the battle
of the two
big noises
of the moment
from what daily life
is becoming

if we pick
a side
to support

will make us all
feel better

I read
that the main
take-away chicken
is running out
of chickens
because the transport system
is failing
because half the workers
are sick
or furloughed

well . . .


I know
where they can get their hands
on two roosters

between them
they would
amount to one
special zinger


12 thoughts on “distraction in court (would you like a zinger)

  1. No, I think they’d call in seconds to take their place, don’t you? After all, if you can get someone to sign an official declaration for you, then you must have a few seconds around to become sacrificial chooks (and the polly is the second, ‘cos there’s a crowing rooster standing at his back, pushing).

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  2. Power on Frank! That guy has been getting TV oxygen even here in Canada, for days. Good! The guy not only doesn’t get jabbed, but has the audacity to get close up with people without a bloody mask on. We are truly living in dystopia. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Well Frank the debacle won’t be over for a while, and the egos will continue to shine One of the lovely things about you is you are jolly clever with your words, and your humility speaks volumes. Therefore your work is the tonic I and a great number of your readers need. No blushing please

    Liked by 1 person

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