broken completely (yet whole)

There is the empty chapel, only the wind’s home.
It has no windows, and the door swings,


in so many ways
are broken

a glance
at the newspapers
brings a shudder
and confirmation

royal sex scandals

sporting lies
and tantrums

the ill health
of a nation . . .

of the world

the perversity
of governments

of the helpless

so many ways
to be broken

but outside
it is morning

the early sun streams –
golden –
across the backyard lawn

cockatoos –
my harvest nemesis –
are gathered as a flock
at the foot
of the plum tree

picking over old spoils
to find undamaged
in the grass

the air
is full of light

and flight

and buzz

not everything –
it seems –
is suffering

and neither
am I

my society . . .

my country . . .

the outside world
may indeed
be broken
and corrupted
in fundamental ways
and my home

my simple backyard
and the pleasures
that it brings me

are whole


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