About those plums . . .

You might – in an idle moment – wonder how things turned out witht he plums and the cockatoos. Wonder no more.

The season for the plums is over. We picked the last of what we will take yesterday.

My estimate is that the cockatoos managed to claim 75% of the crop. European blackbirds (of which we seem to have many) damaged and ruined perhaps another 15%. We picked the rest.

The Plums of 2021/22

You can see some of the blackbird damage in th epicture – beak snips and nips that leave the plum rotting in place on the tree and need to be discarded when picked.

All in all we managed several picks over about a fortnight, and ended up with plenty. The tree is a large one and very generous in her bounty.

Our process is to halve each plum, pit it, blend and then spread on teflon sheets to dry in the dehydrater. Ends up like this.

Dried plum ‘leather’ – just out of the dehydrater 2021/22

The ‘leather peels away from the teflon sheets and, when it’s dry, it will tear with a sound like cardboard, Sticky to the hands.

It then gets torn up and popped into large coffee jars for storage (and munching in front of the television).

The flavour is generally more tangy (from the skins, I think) than sweet. A little like a mildly sour jelly candy thing that can be bought, these days.

Good result!

Dried Plum Leather 2021/22 stored in glass jars.

28 thoughts on “About those plums . . .

      • I grew up with jam-making, Sadje, but my wife and I don’t really eat them or marmalade.

        Someone asked and I think I forgot to answer that we tend to do most of the stone fruit – peaches, apricots, plums – this way. Other fruit – apples, oranges, grapefruit and others we slice and dehydrate. THey come up well.

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  1. Very impressive, and also a heck of a lot of work. Most of our fruit we eat fresh [when we can steal some from the pests], but it looks as if we’re going to have a great crop of apples this so may have to think about making apple sauce. 😀
    Isn’t it great to be able to eat your own produce?

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