buggery (really)

And crawled head downward down a blackened wall


there is
a toilet paper shortage
again . . .

there isn’t

it’s a shortage
in people’s minds

though why
toilet paper
of all things
I can’t say

and a failure
of deliveries

all the transport workers
are sick

can’t get
to the supermarkets

can’t get tested

can’t walk
can’t run
can’t fly

different reasons

same results

as a distraction
the government
is providing entertainment

a court case
about whether an individual –
unvaccinated –
should be in the country
to play tennis.

big deal

we are the land
bugger the consequences

what do we care
if the hospitals

the testers quit

the quick tests
don’t exist

the school kids
heading back to class
get a dose

what do we care
so long
as we can be sure
that government
is getting out
of people’s way

not interfering
with their right
to die
however they want

free from government

that’s us

as free
as buggery


14 thoughts on “buggery (really)

  1. Wow, this is so powerfully true Frank. It’s all a chain reaction – the hip bone’s connected to the kneebone. You’re writing some powerful poetry a la Covid. I suspect you’ll have plenty for another book. 🙂

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    • Thank you, Debby. All part of my working through TS Eliot’s The Waste Land. It’s very appropriate to Corona times, I think.

      HArd to know what I’ll do with this work when it’s done. Some of it I don’t think I’ll want to put into a book. I might record parts of it, instead. I (mostly) enjoyed doing that for the Koala in a Coalmine collection that I just finished.

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  2. It’s the same here, Frank. The Los Angeles School District is supposed to open tomorrow — students must be vaccinated or twice weekly-tested, and the lines for both go for miles. The silliest rule is that the kids will have only outdoors sports activities, which will all require masks. This includes band practice — I have ridiculous visions of the brass and wind instrument players trying to march and blow their instruments through masks! How silly!

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  3. Got it in a nutshell, Frank. Only by reading other comments do we realise the ‘stupidity’ is all over the world not just in Oz. What Chaos Perhaps we need Maxwell Smart; at the very least he’d teach these know it alls how to apologise. “Sorry about that, Chief” LOL


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