for you (we wish)

wishing you
a cockatoo

not the kind
that steals
your fruit


the kind
that asks you
nicely –
politely –
for a cracker

and dances


wishing you
a koala
a kanga
a wallaby

a blue tongue an echidna

a magpie

a magpie
to wardle a song
as sweet as the sun rise
of a new morning

a kookaburra
at dusk

I’m sorry
I was wrong

the cockatoo
should be
released –
kept in a cage –
even if the orchard
is pulled apart
and eaten out

the sight of a flock
of white baubles
from my tree
is christmas

some kind
of right -here-at-home

these creatures
and me –
and my creatures –

we wish you . . .

we wish
for you

7 thoughts on “for you (we wish)

  1. We have mainly the coloured birds stealing the fruit: cherries, guavas, apples and pears and plums — all gone (I did get a couple of buckets of cherries from the lower branches, the birds got the rest).
    But they are so pretty, and despite sounding like a garrulous bunch at the pub, we enjoy their visits and don’t mind sharing our produce (there’s a shortage of their usual food sources, so they’re even eating the green pears).

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    • I love them too, really, and wouldn’t want harm to come to them – for all my grumbling I think that we might get enough plums for enough leather, with just a chance of some almonds for the first time ever, so all is not lost.

      When the notion takes hold that there is something that has to be protected, there is a whole personality change in me. Very paranoid, in a way.

      Another day or two and it will be done for good or bad, I think.

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  2. Love all those wishes🥰

    On Fri, Dec 31, 2021 at 7:39 PM Frank Prem Poetry wrote:

    > Frank Prem posted: ” wishing youa cockatoo not the kindthat stealsyour > fruit no the kindthat asks you nicely -politely -for a cracker and > dances(dancecocky) wishing youa koalaa kangaa wallaby a blue tongue an > echidna a magpie especiallya magpieto ward” >

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