Launch Day – A Lake Sambell Walk

Finally, it is launch day my picture-poetry-walk book A Lake Sambell Walk.

A Lake Sambell Walk cover – 01/12/2021

I’m delighted, because the lake is a picturesque and pretty place. To celebrate the occasion, I thought I might throw in a few random images of the lake and its surrounds that aren’t in the book because they were part of a different walk or . . . just because.

At the time of writing, I’ve decided to do this, but I haven’t chosen any images, so whatever appears below will be as much a surprise to me, as it is to you.

Lake Sambell morning.

I love the lake in the morning. During Covid lockdowns, when I haven’t been able to sit down for a chat with The Beechworth Bakery Bears, I have often driven around the lake, stopping to try to grab an image worth keeping, or writing to or some such. Dabchicks and ducks forging toward shore.

Contrails above Lake Sambell.

I love taking images of clouds and contrails. If I can ever figure out the best way to present it, there will be a book . . .

Lake Sambell precinct.

An experiment to see if I could get a decent shot of the tree. An indifferent result. Must do better!

One more.

The Boss at Lake Sambell.

The ducks come in interesting shapes and sizes around the Lake!

Hip Hooray! The book is released. Here is the Amazon link if you want to grab a copy – digital or colour paperback

A Lake Sambell Walk – Amazon (US) link.


14 thoughts on “Launch Day – A Lake Sambell Walk

  1. I love all the photos but the one of the Boss duck really made me smile. Congratulations on the launch, Frank, and congratulations on the photos. You’re a far better photographer than you think. You capture beauty with both words and pictures.

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