a lament (with no cherries)

Who is the third who walks always beside you


I won’t be doing
the cherries
this year

or any of the other fruit
for that matter

the orchard belongs
to my younger

I never wanted it
when we were younger

I went off
and got a job
with a reliable wage
in the town

I’ve always helped him out
and worked for him
across all the seasons

and through sixty years

every time
of year
I’ve lent a hand
and for the last few years
it‘s fallen to me
to babysit the shop
we set up
to cater for the self-pickers

It’s been me
that’s jollied them along
and got them
to add some spuds
or a pumpkin
to their purchase

but not

he can go
to blazes

this last
of months
I’ve been crook

real crook

and I couldn’t do

you know
the bloody doctors –
excuse my language –
the bloody doctors
just want to run
and more tests

you can’t afford to have
another one
you’re dead

well anyway
I told him
that I’d been crook
and hadn’t been able
to help out

you know what he says

he says –
excuse my language
again –
he says

I know what’s wrong
with you

you can’t work
because you’ve been
wanking yourself
too much

I told him

and not to be
so silly

I’ve been crook

he wouldn’t listen

abused me
another two times
to my face
I got sick of
the childish nonsense
and came home

I haven’t been back

you know
I’d have expected him
to be man
to come see me
and apologise
there’s been no sign
of him

so anyway
the tests
have been coming
and the doctors reckon
I’ve got a touch
of the dancer
in my kidneys

bad luck
for me
that’s how life

he’d want to be making
a start
if he’s going to make amends
while I’m still here
wouldn’t he

but . . .

I don’t reckon
I’ll be doing
much more
up on the orchard
in any case

to be honest
I’m a bit buggered –
pardon my language
again please –

a bit buggered
to know
he’s going to manage
the cherries
at all
this year


12 thoughts on “a lament (with no cherries)

    • Thanks Claire.

      It’s an approach I sometimes use when I’m trying to capture one side of a conversation almost verbatim, including the person’s use of vernacular.

      It’s entirel a listening piece, in that sense, if that makes sense. Not my voice, but that of the subject.


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