time (to stay) to go

Rough milk thistle – 25/11/2021

isn’t it just
the way

we are born
to live

and die

and isn’t that
life is

you will
go you must
but . . .


a little

the breeze
in your hair

and the sun
on your face
it will
be summer

so stay
another season

there is time

we need
to go


19 thoughts on “time (to stay) to go

    • Debby, thank you. My random weed pics are proving to be inspiring and I’m allowing them to take me over a bit.

      I am just home from a weekend in Melbourne. Guess what I found?

      New weed flowers! LOL @ me.

      I’m delighted you liked this one. It’s probably the best of them.



      Liked by 1 person

      • Impeccable taste, Debby.. No question!

        No, none of this lot of poems are in a book – they’ve just been happening a little randpomly as I follow my whims. Getting to a point where i may have to assemble them, though, to see what it looks like.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I think you may have to. I’m catching your poetry style bug. I sometimes join in on Colleen’s syllabic poetry, which I enjoy because it’s like fitting pieces into a puzzle. But there’s something about free form that draws me. I’m working on one now. 🙂


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