a wash of waves (and weaving)

Or in memories draped by the beneficent spider


all those things

those . . .


were real

so real
there was no room
for anything else
in the space –
the time –
surrounding them

they were


as it was

in the moment
when they were

so real

the only

and now
they are marvels
that have the patina
of an old image –
a painting
a photograph –
on a wall
into an album

a fading marvel

there is no
for them

no capacity
to bring them
into life

the waves
that washed clean –
or washed dirty –
have gone

on a tide
of life
of change

they have become
fabric –
no more

the cloth
to be used
in new weaving

and as each image
to be
front of mind
for a moment
it is taken

into the new
striving to become

there are new
to be made
in the meantime . . .

the waves
and the weaving
do not


13 thoughts on “a wash of waves (and weaving)

    • I’m really enjoying where my responses to The Waste Land end up, Liz. There are some poems that are hard to find, and some that are hard to write, but make for an interesting read when they come together (or so I hope).

      Fun to do, and the saga of the white whale and the mariner is very amenable to exploration of themes.

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      • I think it will be challenging. The White Whale will be straightforward enough, I think. I’ll simply take it out wholus bolus and see what I can do with it in its own right.

        The rest of the material will be tricky. There was a patch in the middle where I felt the writing was getting too author-centric, and I felt it probably wasn’t material that shoudl see publication light of day. Other parts might do better. Some is probably just not interesting enough to do more than sit on my shelves with the general archive.

        We shall see.

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      • This is an area of struggle for me, Liz. The first books were done that way, but by Leanne, my wife. Another that hasn’t been released was done to a thematic pattern suggested to me. I didn’t even have themes in my head, at the time.

        I work best if I go to a chronology and a theme from the beginning – like the Waste Land series and the Love Trilogy before that. I can push along keeping the broad direction in my head and everything in its place as I go.

        I’m getting a bit smarter in my writing from that perspective, to make it easy on myself at the end.

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      • I’m fairly sure that whatever I prepare with a view to release, I’ll remove the poem and its extracts. Acknowledge the inspiration, but leave out the phrases I’ve used as specific prompts for various poems. Let them stand on their own.

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