Robbie’s Inspiration – Guest post by Frank Prem and a review

It’s my pleasure to invite visitors to my blog to pop over to Robbie cheadle’s place – Robbie’s Inspiration.

Today I’ve chatted with her and her vistors a little about The Bakery Bears, and why they engage me so much that I’ve written two books about them, now, with Waiting For Frank-Bear just about to be released.

Robbie has also posted her review of the new book and it is just lovely to read.

The Bears will be delighted when I mention it to them!

Robbie has also featured another collage of Bakery Bear photographs with the article.

Thank you, Robbie.

Waiting For Frank-Bear cover – 03/11/2021

Robbie's inspiration

Today, I am delighted to welcome poet and author, Frank Prem, to Robbie’s Inspiration with a post about his The Beechworth Bakery Bears series of books.

What is it about Bakery Bears?

I can’t really begin to examine my literary aspirations for The Beechworth Bakery Bears books without recounting the context for my becoming aware of them.

Background to the first book – The Beechworth Bakery Bears

By profession I am a Psychiatric Nurse, and have had enough years of performing shift work for the thrill of rocking up to the job for a 7am start to have worn off, a little. So, what I like to do is to create a little contemplative bubble around myself before my early shifts start.

A little after 6am, (before Covid 19 struck), I would approach the Beechworth Bakery, often still in pre-dawn darkness. The Bakery is the only place in town that…

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2 thoughts on “Robbie’s Inspiration – Guest post by Frank Prem and a review

  1. The imagination is a wonderful thing Frank, and I am looking forward to reading this new book though I suspect I only have one of the previous two No Matter I’m delighted if by your tales children can relate to the series and the horror of lockdown. Another ‘goer’ for you

    Liked by 1 person

    • There was only one prior Bear book, Claire, but I broke it into 2 digital editions. In hindsight I should have left it as a single, I think. Learn as you go.

      I can send you a copy of ‘Waiting and A Lake Sambell Walk if you wiwant to confirm both?


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