Covers, covers, covers . . .

I recently enjoyed making a couple of collages of The Bakery Bears and thought I might have a crack at putting together one of something else.

What I thought might be of interest was to line up all the various covers that have been made for my boo projects.

Some have been made by professionals, most by myself as I’ve been learning what it’s all about. Some are possibilities considered and discarded. Others are projects not yet released.

There are at least twenty that simply comprise my personal archive and sit on my studio bookshelf. Maybe they will release a volume or two of favorites, somewhere down the track.

Where there are multiples, they are most likely different variations on a theme as I’ve tried to decide what I wanted, or completely different editions of the book – ex, Laminated hardcover versus paperback, versus (in one case) a jacketed edition.

Fun to do as a skill development exercise as well as a reminder for me of the road I’ve taken.

Hope you enjoy a peek at these, although the image quality is not wonderful after what I’ve putr them thrugh. Some may see a general release at some point, and in some form.

Some, of course, are just plain terrible, but I learn as I go!

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