Advanced Reading Copy Group (ARC)

A while back when I was enthusiastically setting up my book publishing systems and mailing lists and Newsletters I invited interested readers to express interest in joining my Advanced Reading Copy (ARC) group.

The purpose of the group is simply to be available to receive an invitation to download a free digital copy of any new book I have in the pipeline and ready to release. Being a member of the group comes without any obligation but provides an opportunity for readers to give feedback to the author, and to pop a review – long short or other – onto AMazon or Goodreads (or elsewhere).

It’s a chance to shape the interest of a potential buyer of the book in whatever format by letting them know your thoughts and your rating.

In the next few days I’ll be sending an invite out for ARC group members to take a peek at A Lake Sambell Walk (release date 1st December, 2021) and Waiting For Frank-Bear (release date 14th November 2021).

Next year, I have in mind to release perhaps 5 new collections of one kind or another – diving back to re-release my very first published books (The Book of Evenings and Memoir Of A Dog, through to very new (very exciting) work, such as The Cielonaut.

As I indicated, there is no obligation to join, and none to download, read or review any books if you do happen to join the group. Just an opportunity.

If you’d like to join, I’ll need a preferred first name to use for mailouts and your preferred email address. Let me know in comments or drop a line to frankprem03 (@) gmail (dot) com

If you are already a member of my august little ARC group – thank you.


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