It’s all about book news, today.

Such a lot to report.

Waiting For Frank Bear (70 pages – colour)

I’ve approved the e-proofs for what I hope is the final time today. I’ll likely be ordering a coupl,e of copies of each edition – hardback and paperback just to have some copies in stock, and I’ll be determining a release date and price, perhaps tomorrow.

It was my hope to have this book ready for purchase in time for Christmas, and I’m confident of that now.

Price is likely to be very nearly the same for this book as for the original The Beechworth Bakery Bears books, though this set is a little larger (more pages).

I’ll post a side by side pic when I get a copy in hand.

The Beechworth Bakery Bears (66 pages – colour)

Nothing too earth shattering in terms of news, but I have taken the opportunity to re-do the covers to include the new Wild Arancini Press logo, and the interiors to make some fonts consistent with what I’ve done in Waiting For Frank Bear.

When I did the first, I never dreamed there would be a second . . .

A Lake Sambell Walk (198 pages – colour)

I’ve received a fresh paper-copy proof today, after re-working the images. I think I am happy with what has been achieved, and the release date of December 1 is good to go.

The digital version of this book is also done and dusted, so I’m fairly happy, one way and another.

A Lake Sambell Walk – cover – 20/10/2021

serenity seat – A LAke Sambell Walk p 42/43 – 20/10/2021

cormorant tree (3) — A LAke Sambell Walk p 64/65 – 20/10/2021

The Cielonaut (208 pages – colour)

The Cielonaut has been such a saga!

The latest news is that I have done a complete revision of the images and created a new cover.

I’m much happier with the images appearance and presentation in the book, but I also bit the bullet and cropped them to suit my book needs, rather than attempting to preserve them in their original form entirely. Mainly that means that I have turned them into portrait shape and designated size. The chnage has made it easier for me to work with them and lends the work to being properly translated into digital formats.

I don’t intend releasing The Cielonaut until next year, but it has been an itch that needed scratching to know that it all works as I had envisaged.

Marvelous. Here are some pics.

The Cielonaut cover – 20/10/2021

go by – The Cielonaut p 50/52 – 20/10/2021
drop and run – The Cielonaut p 36/37 – 20/10/2021


9 thoughts on “It’s all about book news, today.

    • Mostly retired from paid work, Claire. 150% committed to the unpaid. Labour of love.

      I’ll get a copy of Waiting For Frank-Bear (hardback) and A Lake Sambell Walk (paperback) for you. I think you already have the first Bears book, and the Cielonaut will be next year.


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