A Lake Sambell Walk – digital pre-order complete

I bit the bullet today and finalised listing details for A Lake Sambell Walk. It will be released on December 1st in all the online digital stores, including Amazon/Kindle. I still want to take a peek at the paper copy before I finalise release, but that will be soon, I think.

I’m pricing the digital version per Kindle’s recommended price point, which is US$4.99. If you or someone you know might have an interest in the book, it will remain available for immediate purchase as a pre-sale offer from Smashwords for $0.99.

It’s a bit of a chore to upload all the data that is required to all the places that require it, but enough has been done to make the collection real, as a book, in most marketplaces. I’ll upload it all to Draft2Digital when I catch my breath, and then do the business with the National Library and the Lending Library Scheme and etc.

It sounds like grumbling, but in truth I never feel quite so real/true as when I have a new poetry collection to release into the world, so I’m pretty happy, all in all.

I’ll post the Kindle link when they finish their internal listing process.

A Lake Sambell Walk cover image – 09/10/2021

10 thoughts on “A Lake Sambell Walk – digital pre-order complete

  1. Too technical for me Frank I will wait for the book to add to my shelf of Frank Prem poetry. Helen Steiner Rice, Banjo Patterson and Robert Burns have to share a shelf. Robert does not mind I have his poems also in music books lol

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